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Thought on Day 31 of the strike

Dear family & friends,

Thank you for continuing to support us. Here’s some financial food for thought on Day 31 of the strike…

Throughout the past few years and even more so during this strike, Peel CAS’ CEO and senior management claim there’s NO MONEY. Peel CAS’ CEO claimed this even in the recent years that he received (gave himself?!?!) $20,000+ salary increases. Over TWENTY THOUSAND additional dollars of limited public funding went into HIS pocket each year. CUPE 4914 members’ salary increases those same years? ZERO. Yes, ZERO.

Peel CAS has a food voucher program that client families who are struggling to feed their children can access ONCE A YEAR. $25 per child ONCE A YEAR. During this strike, management whose salaries are well over $100,000 AND are being paid time and a half, are ordering catered lunches DAILY, costing HUNDREDS of dollars DAILY. They make six figures and can’t pack a lunch? Limited public funding is being mismanaged so deliberately and disrespectfully?

Scabs are being recruited from all across the province, lured by wages of $83+ per hour, hotel stays, travel expenses and $95 per day “allowance”. CUPE 4914 is willing to work for half the wages and NONE of those incentives AND unlike scabs, CUPE 4914 members are familiar with the clients and the community and significantly more qualified and skilled to do the work.
They are paying at least 6 security personnel to flank them and walk them 20 feet across a parking lot. Not to mention the two buses with drivers ready to shuttle these same managers and scabs whenever and wherever. That amounts to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of limited public funding.

Who made the decision to prolong the strike with these kinds of outrageous strike breaking expenditures? What CEO, what Director of Finance and which Board Chair (who happens to be a BANKER) would do so? While claiming they cannot consider the union’s workload proposals due to FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS? Those constraints only apply to the union?

This strike isn’t about increasing union wages or lining the pockets of union members. But it might be wise to start asking questions about whose pockets ARE being lined with limited public funding. Perhaps questions need to be asked about the Peel CAS budget lines instead of simply accepting that the budget balances at the end of the year. Accountability and responsible allocation of public funding and tax dollars is more than “rubber stamping” Rav’s recommendations. Or at least it should be.

Please support the families served by Peel CAS and us, CUPE 4914, by asking these questions and getting Peel CAS back to the table to sincerely negotiate a collective agreement that will have us back to work, at the jobs we love with the families who are asking for our return. Call your local MPP, the Ministry at 416-213-7432 and of course, Rav Bains (CEO, Peel CAS) at 905-363-6131.


The Brampton Guardian
Matt Galloway
The Toronto Star
Peel District CUPE Council 9130
CUPE Ontario
Canadian Union of Public Employees

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