Lucie Baistrocchi wrote that Peel CAS’ contingency plans involve “qualified and experienced supervisors and management staff” responding to urgent situations.

On September 14, 2016, one of these “qualified and experienced” managers wrote the following email to partner child protection agencies. Note that CUPE 4914 has removed any identifying information.

Subject: strike – ask

Hi everyone

As you are aware Peel CAS is in negations with CUPE 4619, we will know over the next 24hrs if there is going to be a strike. If so Sept 17th at 12.01am is the scheduled time for the strike. I am requesting that your agency monitor the kids that we have in OPR’s in your areas should a shrike occur. This would be 7 day visit, 30 days and upcoming POC. I will have further info by Friday as to the kids and the home. Plz get back to me ASAP if you are able to assist,


CUPE 4914 highlights the following:
*negotiations as opposed to negations
*CUPE 4914 as opposed to CUPE 4619
*strike as opposed to shrike
*please as opposed to plz