Rav Bains has suggested he wants to negotiate and implied that CUPE does not.

Mr. Bains, when your team tables a “final offer”, as they did last week, they are signaling on your behalf that they don’t want to negotiate any further. Negotiation is NOT the union accepting that offer. Perhaps if you had ever participated in bargaining, you would know this.

Further, I’ve been outside your office from before 7 am to after 7 pm each day this week. I’ve seen you get on and off the bus. I’ve seen all four members of your bargaining team get on and off the bus. And you have all seen me as well. At no point has any of you mentioned anything about resuming negotiations. Nor have any of you reached out to me via my cellular phone or personal email, which (i) you have, (ii) is publicly accessible and (iii) has not changed.

If you would like to reconsider the terms of your team’s proposed “final offer” and NEGOTIATE, I am literally outside waiting. Call me. I would call you but I tried to report a child protection concern yesterday evening, as a client called me in crisis. Obviously, our clients need US. Unfortunately, your “contingency planning” let my call go unanswered. Not sure if calls to the Agency are the way to go for me.

Sonia Yung
President, CUPE 4914