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CUPE 4914 Update

CUPE 4914 is committed to transparency and collective decision making. No need to re-write proposals and emails in a manner that is meant to mislead, nor is there a need to draft any “myths versus facts” emails.

CUPE 4914 believes that its members and the public in general have both the ability to read and critically analyze information.
The “damage control” efforts by Peel CAS and those responsible for their communication are at best lacking, at worst outright lies.
CUPE 4914 has extended an invitation to return to the bargaining table twice, on September 22nd and September 28th. CUPE 4914 is still awaiting a response from Peel CAS.
The attached photos clearly demonstrate the intent of the October 11th mediation date, in the words of the mediator herself. As well as Ms. Chiodo’s misinterpretation and miscommunication of the same.

THIS party, CUPE 4914, has been abundantly clear that its members wish to (i) return to the bargaining table and (ii) return to work. THIS party, CUPE 4914, has not made plans or implemented strategies to prolong the labour disruption. THIS party, CUPE 4914, would like to achieve a negotiated settlement.
Ms. Chiodo’s misleading email to staff earlier this afternoon and Ms. McIsaac’s “myths versus facts” to service providers is eerily similar in terms of wordplay to the one Mr. Bains sent the staff group on September 15th, in which he detailed his team’s “fair offer”, withheld the information about the items his team refused to consider and encouraged the membership to circumvent their bargaining team and the 96% strike mandate.

Given that the members of CUPE 4914 are currently out on strike, it’s clear that TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY are always the way to go.
In all things, let’s be respectful enough of all persons and their ability to receive and process information.
CUPE 4914 encourages all persons, internal and external, to review the information at hand with respect to this labour dispute and make your own decisions about FACT versus FICTION.

No Pied Piper here 😉

In Solidarity,
Sonia Yung
President, CUPE 4914