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A Letter from MPP Jagmeet Singh

Hi there,

During question period today, I demanded the Wynne government ensure that children get the quality of care they need by supporting a workload cap that child care workers are asking for at the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) in Peel.

These workers do what they do because they care deeply about the children and families they work for. That’s why the workers are asking for a hard cap on the total number of active cases that they work on at one time. That’s what they feel is adequate or necessary to adequately protect children at risk. Workload caps exist in other jurisdictions and other children’s aid societies, but they don’t exist in Peel.

Kids and families in Peel want to see the strike end as soon as possible. The children and families in Peel who rely on the CAS can’t wait another month for this matter to be resolved. That’s why I asked the Liberal Government to intervene and get the parties to arbitration.

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